S2E12 - Aubrey and Purton

I went to the Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival in August, where I had a chat to Dennis Aubrey and Pete Purton, who perform as duo Aubrey and Purton.  They have been busking together for years and it shows - their performance looks so effortless, and they know how to engage a crowd.  They also know a lot of songs, and they play quite a few in this episode. 

If you want to find out more about Dennis and Pete, or book their band for a gig, you can go to their website, www.aubreyandpurton.com, or if you’re in Sydney on a Saturday, drop into Paddington Markets – they might be there. 

Some show-related links below:

·        Powerhouse Museum.

·        Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival

·        Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival

·        Skiffle

Songs played in this episode:

-        Darktown Strutters Ball (Shelton Brooks, 1917)

-        Unlike a Rolling Stone (Pete Purton) – inspired by Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan, 1965)

-        I Can’t Remember his Name (Dennis Aubrey)

-        Wedding Ring for Sale (Dennis Aubrey)

-        Fly like Birds (Dennis Aubrey)

-        Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond, 1969)

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