Welcome to Ukulele Is The New Black

A few years ago I decided the learn to play an instrument.  I’d been singing a bit with friends and with a small choir, and I wanted to be able to offer something more than just my voice.  I wasn’t sure what to play though – I tried the harmonica (how hard can it be?  Uhh…REALLY hard) and I experimented a bit with the guitar, but it wasn’t gelling.  Then one day I was in a junk shop and saw a little white ukulele for 30 bucks.  In retrospect I probably paid far more than it was worth – it was cheap to start with and not in good condition – but playing that was enough for me to know that this was the instrument for me.  I bought a better uke and got some lessons, and I was away!

Little did I know however that I wasn’t just getting an instrument.  I had no idea of the extent of the ukulele community – in fact, that there was such a thing as a ukulele community!  I started going to ukulele meetups and couldn’t believe how many people were in the room.  And it was so much fun!  There was no judgement – people of any level could come along, sometimes we sounded amazing and sometimes woeful – but it didn’t matter because we were just having a fantastic time.

Since then I have joined two more local groups, and performed at two ukulele festivals.  I have met so many amazing people from all walks of life, who are all in love with this tiny instrument.

And that’s what this podcast is about.  Not about the ukulele per se, but about the amazing people who love to play it.  In each episode I will have a conversation with a ukulele player about why they love to play, and how it has changed their life.  And we might play a few tunes for you as well.

Ukulele Is The New Black will come out every two weeks.  Subscribe in your podcatcher of choice so you don’t miss an episode!

Meredith Harper