S1E15 - Ukenjamit

Trish, Jack, Rosalie, John and Gayle are Ukenjamit, a fantastic ukulele group from Newcastle, NSW.  I had a chat to them at the Newkulele Festival in October 2018.

They play a few songs:

·        Mr Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker, 1968)

·        Stray Cat Strut (Brian Setzer, 1981)

·        Walk of Shame (Eight to the Bar, 2007)

There was a lot of discussion about the talented Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart.  If you want to learn more about them and their Ukestras, they featured in episode 11, and they have a website: The Sum of the Parts.

I will be in Seattle and Vancouver for a few days in early March 2019.  If you know someone who lives in either of those places who should be a guest on the show, please get in touch via the website www.ukuleleisthenewblack.com, or podcast@ukuleleisthenewblack.com.

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