About the Podcast

Why are so many people playing the ukulele?  Each episode is a conversation with a ukulele player where Meredith delves into why they play, what they play, who they play with...and how ukulele has changed their life.


About Meredith

Meredith discovered the ukulele in 2016 after failed attempts to play other instruments.  While hardly a virtuoso, she covers up her poor playing by singing pretty well  Nobody seems to mind.

About the Theme Tune

All of the facts in the theme tune are true! It’s a fun song and we make no apologies for it being an earworm.

If you would like to play it, here are the chords. If you think you’ve done a good job of it, send a recording! You never know, it might even get featured on the show.

Ukulele Is The New Black, by Meredith Harper

I [A]wanted to play an [D]instrument

Cos mu-[A]sicians are so cool and I [E7]wanted to be cool

But I [A]found that playing an [D]instrument is kinda [E7]hard

I [D]tried the harmonica but [E7]I really sucked

I [A]tried the guitar but [D]my fingers couldn’t do it

I was [E7]ready to give up..

Then I [A]saw a little instrument [D]in the shop

It [A]didn’t cost too much so I [E7]gave it a shot

Now I [A]play all the time and my [D]friends do too

And who [E7]knew? Ukulele is the new [A]black

[D]Yeah it’s the new [A]black

[D]Everybody’s [E7]playing it........[NC]cos it’s the new [A]black